Orlando Construction: 5 things to look for when hiring a contractor for your project


This article’s intent is to help you identify key attributes when hiring Florida home builders and construction companies for your next project. You have a new project you’re working on and you received your blueprints from the architecture firm. You spent valuable time and money making adjustments so the project is exactly the way you envision it. Chances are the Architect will be able to recommend to you reputable Orlando construction companies. This is one good lead to research but don’t stop there. Property developers come a dime a dozen and you need one that has your best interest at heart.

(Experience)- When choosing your Florida home builder you want to make sure he or she has the proper credentials to handle the job. Florida builders can either acquire their certification or license. Florida home builders that have a certified license can work anywhere in the state of Florida so take this into account. This leads us to experience. You want a construction company/contractor on the job who has a proven track record.  When deciding on a contractor you want to know how long they’ve been doing business. Experience is vital because you need someone who can complete the job on time and on budget.

(Itemized bidder)- When deciding on the right contractor for your project take into account the kind of bids they offer. Did they give you a bottom line price or did they break down how much everything would cost? We recommend you go with the company that itemizes their bid. If the company you like hasn’t itemized their bid ask them to do so. If there are any difference as the project is completed you can refer to the bid documentation. Sound Florida home builders won’t have a problem itemizing bids for you.

(Good Problem solving skills)- While on a project sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that can occur. You need someone who can quickly identify the problem and implement a solution that resolves the situation. Say for instance your project is underway near the end of summer and a hurricane is brewing in the Atlantic. The Contractor should have a contingency plan in place should such an event occur.

(References)- It’s a good idea to look at a construction companies past work and reviews. If they don’t have any completed projects to look at and satisfied clients you can talk with you’ll want to make a note of that and keep moving. The best place to look at reference is the internet. They should have a website with a portfolio you can view. If they mention references available upon request then that’s ok and ask for their references. Testimonials are also a good thing to look for, if their past clients are happy with their work chances are they’ll provide the same great service to you.

(A good foreman) It’s not surprising many contractors don’t do the manual labor on your project; they have a team designated to do the work. Their job is often spent macro managing their enterprise and finding more work. If they’re not personally hands on with your project it’s nothing to lose sleep over if they have a good foreman. The foreman will manage the day to day activities of your project. This is not to say all Construction companies have one. Some construction companies are more hands on than others and like micro managing their operations.

At the end of the day considering these factors will help you decide on the right construction company for your project. Doing your research will save you time and money in the long run so it pays to do your homework. A construction company that is transparent and meets these requirements is well worth the investment. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out and contact us.

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