Kon- Struck Builders and Tenant Build-Out Projects

Enhancing the space you have to work with

 Kon-Struck Builders, Inc. has the experience Central Florida Clients need to ensure you’re occupying your new space as quickly as possible so your business can start operating and producing revenue.  At Kon-Struck Builders, Inc. we have a lengthy resume of tenant build-out projects.  We understand the relationship between the building management and our client. We act as the liaison between our client and the building management team to ensure our client is getting what they need.  

We have a team  put together in the Central Florida area of Architects, Engineers and sub contractors such as Electricians, Heating and Air, Plumbers etc. to get your job done on time and in a cost effective manner. We will inspect the space and look at all lease requirements to ensure the demands of your business will be taken care of after we’re finished with your project. During construction, we keep at the top of our mind that you need to be open as quickly as possible to start recouping revenue. We maintain our schedule and make sure we find solutions for any issues before they affect your project.

If you’re looking for a new space to locate your business or just looking to expand your existing space call Kon-Struck Builders, Inc or click the “contact us” link to get your free no obligation quote.  Central Florida’s finest General Contractor

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