Apopka Residential and Commercial construction company: Factors in choosing the right one

Residential and Commercial construction company: Factors in choosing the right General Contractor

Konstruck Builders, Inc is located in Apopka, Florida and we would like to offer a few good tips on selecting a good General Contractor.  One tip I can give you is try to select contractors you may need on an urgent basis before you need them.  Why?  Because if you have an emergency repair and need to find someone quickly (who is also good and fair) you don’t have time to go through a lengthy selection process.  And the WORST thing you can ever do is picking someone from the Yellow Pages without interviewing them first.  I’m not talking about getting a bid for work you don’t need, but try to at least get the names before you need them of some well recommended emergency contractors, like a plumbing or heating contractor.

To get references from family, friends, or a Realtor you trust is one of the best ways to select a contractor. Don’t just use the “Yellow pages” and hire someone.

Getting Names of Possible Contractors:

  • You have had good personal prior experience working with contractor [BEST]
  • Reliable referral from direct experience of family or friends [GOOD]
  • You know of the contractor’s reputation but have no direct experience [OK]
  • You found them from a trade association or general advertising [FAIR]

State Contractor Licensing- Konstruck Builders, Inc License #CGC 058942

    (they must provide the number if licensed):

  • Licensed; has never had a complaint filed or had disciplinary action taken [BEST]
  • Licensed; has no prior complaints filed for at least 3 or more years [FAIR]
  • Licensed; current complaints or actions against them within the past 3 years [REJECT]
  • Contractor has no license [REJECT]

Insurance (ask to see their certificates): Konstruck Builders, Inc is licensed as set forth by the State of Florida

  • Workman’s Compensation and General Liability [BEST]
  • General Liability only (bodily injury and property damage) [GOOD]
  • Contractor has no insurance [REJECT]

Business Longevity:

  • In business more than 10 years with the same name [BEST]
  • In business 5 or more years with the same name [GOOD]
  • In business 1 to 5 years with the same name [OK]
  • New business under 1 year [FAIR]

Stability and Permanence: Konstruck Builders, Inc is located at 711 West Amelia Street, Orlando Florida 32801

  • Has a physical business office and address [BEST]

Konstruck Builders, Inc has performed Clearwater construction projects, commercial and residential restoration projects, curb and concrete work in Apopka, Florida, Clearwater, Florida, Tampa, Florida, South Florida , Winter Park floirda and a host of other cities

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