Who We Are

Juan Rivera

CEO & Owner

Juan A. Rivera, CEO and Owner of Konstruck Builders, Inc. is no strangers to hard work and dedication. Born in Río Piedras, PR and raised in Rochester, New York, Juan found his passion for the Construction Industry at a very young age. At the age of 17 he entered into an internship partnership with a 1.5 million dollar company in Rochester. Upon graduating from Franklin High School, in Rochester he transitioned to the next phase of his life by relocating to Raleigh, NC. to attend Saint Augustine’s College. There he entered into a dual degree program with North Carolina State University. Juan graduated college in 1989 with a B.S. degree in Mathematics. After graduating college he formed a small construction company in Raleigh. In 1990 he and his wife, Charlene relocated to Apopka, Florida where they still reside today. During this phase of Juan’s career he worked hard to establish himself in the Central Florida area as a quality contractor and home builder. Juan is a licensed General Contractor, CGC# 058942 with the State of Florida. The company is also licensed and insured, meeting all requirements set forth by the State of Florida. When Juan is not working on his client’s goals and objectives he is flying his R/C Planes. If you are looking for quality work at competitive rates contact us today.

Some of the other certifications include:
• Small Business Certification 8(a)SDB
• Total Hub-Zone
• Home inspector
• O.S.H.A Certified


Without a doubt, Juan Rivera, President of KSB, is more exacting and demanding of himself and his final product than any one who contracts work from him. I have witnessed numerous jobs, whereas Mr. Rivera set extremely high expectations, in the mind of the client, then went on too exceed his own, stated expectations. I personally spoke to a client of KSB builders on a large drywall done by the firm. The CEO of the firm stated “Juan Rivera is the Michaelangelo of drywall”. as a GC, and a business owner, you will be hard pressed to find a company that has skills equal to, or ethics higher than Juan Rivera of KSB Builders.

Dr. Vernon W. Tynes

During the past 15 years Juan has completed several jobs for me. The jobs range from minor repair to building a complete building (including demolition of old structure). He has always provided the best service for a reasonable price.

I highly recommend Juan for any construction job small or large.

Morris Middleton

I was very pleased with the work Juan did at my home. He completed the work on time and secured my property while I was away for a few months while the work was being done. When I returned my home was beautiful! I would recommend Kon-Struck Builders Inc. to anyone wanting quality for a reasonable price.

Alegna McKelvin